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The Fermi Paradox

Posted by LE MINH DUC on January 19, 2006

Dear Toastmasters,
If there are billions of planets capable of supporting life,
if there are millions of intelligent species out there,
where are they?
– The Fermi Paradox – Enrico Fermi
Planet Earth
is one of trillions of planets in a universe billions of years old.
It is subjected to
the same physical laws, effects, and chances. 
It is not unique.
Even if
life occurs in one out of a billion planets,
even if
intelligent life develop over billions of years,
there should be millions of planets with intelligent life.
So, where is everybody?
For many years
our scientists have been
searching the skies for intelligent life forms.
They sent space probes, 
they transmitted radio signals. and
they listened through giant antenna dishes
but they found nothing.
Public speakers
face the exact same challenges.
Are you
directing your message to the right audience?
Are you
communicating in a way the audience can understand?
Do you know how
to listen to feedback?
The bad news
for the scientists is, 
there may really be no one out there.
The good news
for you and I is
we definitely have an audience before us.
Find your voice, serve your world.
Do it now.
Gea Ban Peng DTM 
District 80 Governor 2004-2005


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